Best Burgundy still made at home

It must have happened at least once to every wine lover: a particular vintage passes your lips and, just like that, you realize the wine you are drinking surpasses anything you have ever tasted. Though the word wine is used to describe so many vintages fermented from so many kinds of grapes and vinified in so many ways that imply sheer diversity and range, yet it is true: every wine you drink from now on will in some way be compared to this one. Because this is the best wine you have ever tasted.

The noblet vineyard in Vosne-Romanee. The N74 runs                                                   between the vines and the buildinggs in the distance.

I am no millionaire, so I have never tasted La Tâche or Le Montrachet; no bottle of Romanée-Conti has ever graced my table. These remain only names to me which make me think of a higher purpose, that I should be earning more money. more>>

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  1. Rolly says:

    I’m happy to see Canadian Icewine may be trying to make indroas in a new market outside of Canada and its traditional export market of Hong Kong where it competes against imitations of its self. I like the Pinot Noir Icewines from the Okanagan best.

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