How Mouton Rothschild found me

Château Mouton Rothschild is one of the world’s most prized wines and this is reflected in its price which, depending on the vintage, can easily run into hundreds or even thousands of euros per bottle. To put it simply, it’s a bit out of my price range. The best I could hope for would be a sample at an organized tasting, such as the latest Winefield’s auction in Amsterdam, where several vintages of Mouton Rothschild were generously made available. As luck would have it, I was unable to attend that day!

Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1997

But luck swings like a pendulum, they say. So I was astonished to get a phone call a couple weeks later from someone I had met very briefly at a previous auction. We had spoken for perhaps ten minutes, I mentioned that I write about wines for a blog and gave her my card. It turns out she was leaving Amsterdam and had a present she wanted to give me: a bottle of Mouton Rothschild 1997! At first I was perplexed: what had I done to deserve such a gift? But she simply explained that she was moving, couldn’t take the bottle with her, didn’t want any money for it but wanted to give it to someone who could appreciate it. So I told her, “that I certainly can do.” more>>

23/02/10 Idem, opgenomen door Bibendum Times

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  1. Arjun says:

    i’m mostly itnrigued by the white burgundy. i’ve never heard of that. granted, my wine knowledge is limited, but i do like it. we recently cracked a few bottles that my wife brought back from italy and france, but to our horror, they had gotten bad, and we ended up drinking a $5 bottle my mom bought. thats my crazy wine story

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